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a small two-wheeled cart for one passenger

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The petitioners further alleged that the staff of the RTA Sanghar was extracting bribes from the ricksha drivers and in some cases also impounding their vehicles.
There was also an unusually large number of excellent exhibitors from somewhat less visible countries: Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba, from Vietnam, who showed jarring videos of men furiously pulling rickshas underwater; Marran Gosov, from Bulgaria, who crammed himself into a small glass box in an endurance act of extreme corporeal discomfort; Lebanon native Nabil Nahas, known for his striking, colorful paintings of amoeba-like shapes; and the lately ubiquitous Anri Sala, from Albania (via France), whose video focused on the interaction of stray dogs and a lion in what looked like an abandoned zoo.
Dodging cows, rickshas, and weaving cyclists prompted Elmo to say that driving in Sri Lanka is more difficult than flying a plane.
In the course of my fieldwork, one sadhu vowed to break his varsi tap ("year-long fast," a special food restriction lasting thirteen months) only if three requirements were met: (1) there should be only nine rickshas and nine jeeps present in the upasray compound; (2) on his gocari he should meet any two women who had just come from a particular nearby town bringing sugarcane juice for his fast-breaking; and (3) he should meet any three men who had come from another particular nearby town and were at the time wearing their puja clothes, the pure clothes worn for ritual performance.