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United States admiral who advocated the development of nuclear submarines (1900-1986)

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After that, the admiral recalls, the cantankerous Rickover threw him out of his office.
Rickover had to overcome inertia and active resistance within both the Atomic Energy Commission and the Navy For example, the Atomic Energy Commission was preoccupied with the development and manufacture of nuclear weapons; however, for us early research and development, Naval Reactors had to rely on the national laboratories of the Atomic Energy Commission.
In this article, I will make no attempt to analyze Rickover's complex personality which has been described as eccentric by some and astringent by others.
"Everyone is aware today that our educational system has been allowed to deteriorate," Rickover wrote in 1958.
This program, which in many ways created an entirely new naval service, was created by Rickover, who succeeded in getting himself appointed the joint head of both NR and NPD, thereby creating a single NR/NPD office with Czar-like authority over the development of the naval nuclear fleet.
Under the driving force of the Polish-born American naval officer Hyman George Rickover (1900-1986), a plan developed to equip American submarines with atomic reactors, which would require no recharging and could keep a submarine submerged for months at a time.
"Admiral [Hyman G.] Rickover needed fuel for his nuclear subs" as they were being developed in the 1940s, says Myles.
Rickover, the "father of the nuclear navy," July 8, at 86.
Rickover, generally considered the father of the U.S.
Watkins was handpicked by Hyman Rickover for the elite corps of Navy nuclear engineers, so he is a longtime member of what amounts to an officially sanctioned secret cult.
Though new to teaching in the public school system, I brought with me many years of management experience as a submarine naval officer under Admiral Hyman Rickover. Many of the current IMTS students had dropped out of the public school system but now were back as full-time participants in a vocational setting.
Hyman Rickover, the legendary father of the nuclear navy.
Admiral Hyman George Rickover, the "father of the U.S.
Rickover, Director of the Division of Naval Reactors in the Department of Energy.