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any of a group of very small rod-shaped bacteria that live in biting arthropods (as ticks and mites) and cause disease in vertebrate hosts

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A new tick-transmitted disease due to Rickettsia slovaca. Lancet.
First isolation of Rickettsia slovaca from a patient, France.
First report on the occurrence of Rickettsia slovaca and Rickettsia raoultii in Dermacentor silvarum in China.
First report of an infection with Rickettsia slovaca. Folia Parasitol (Praha).
Since 1977, Rickettsia slovaca, found in Dermacentor marginatus ticks, was the only known Rickettsia sp.
In a study in Spain (9), Dermacentor marginatus ticks infected with Rickettsia slovaca produced EM-like rash and lymphadenopathy in 22 patients studied.
Two case-patients, a 23-year-old French woman tourist to Mongolia in June 2008, and a 27-year-old Swiss woman student traveler to Corsica, France, in October 2008, were infected by Rickettsia slovaca confirmed by PCR and Western blot.