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a toxic protein extracted from castor beans


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Keywords: Ricinius communis L., Ricinine, Anti-acetylcholinesterase, antioxidant, metal chelating assay, Alzheimer's disease
Pharmacological evaluation of ricinine, a central nervous system stimulant isolated from Ricinus communis.
Seed contains 10% carbohydrates; 45 to 50% of fatty oil; 5% of protein; alkaloid with low toxicity (ricinine); enzyme (lipase); uric acid; glutamine; amino derivatives and glycoprotein as allergen.
Isolation of ricin, ricinine, and the allergenic fraction from castor seed pomace from two different sources.
One of the police officers who went to a motel room at the Extended Stay America where ricin was found has tested positive for trace detectible levels of the substance "ricinine" in his urine, a substance that, like ricin, is derived from castor beans.
Flowering Nicotine & Tobacco other alkaloids Ricinus Castor Bean Ricin, ricinine communis Vinca spp.
Ricinine is a separate compound from ricin present in the castor bean and might be more feasible to monitor in persons exposed to ricin-containing plant material.