Richter scale

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a logarithmic scale of 1 to 10 formerly used to express the magnitude of an earthquake on the basis of the size of seismograph oscillations

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4 on the Richter scale and was felt as far as Edinburgh.
7 on the Richter scale struck the whole West Midlands on the evening of September 22, 2002.
2 on the Richter scale also registered at 01:00 local time in the province's Zahedshahr city.
4 on the Richter scale jolted parts of Pakistan, causing large scale destruction and killing over 80,000 people besides leaving millions others homeless.
8 on the Richter scale shook part of Kendari in the sea some 96 km southeast of North Konawe 3.
2 on the Richter scale - struck at around 1am on February 27 at Market Rasen.
4 degrees on the open-ended Richter scale, an official said.
5 on Richter scale jolted Dasht e Kavir in south of Damghan in central province of Semnan on early Saturday early.
8 on the Richter scale hit off the coast of south Lebanon on Tuesday, the Bhannes Center for Seismic and Scientific Research said.
The second quake measured 4 scores on the Richter scale.
8 on the Richter scale - lasted less than five seconds and rocked buildings but no one was hurt.
0 or less on the Richter scale were recorded between April and June this year, the Geological SurveyCOs Department said yesterday.
2 on the Richter scale and lasted for around 10 seconds at 4.
5 on the Richter scale - the largest in the UK this year.