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capital of the state of Virginia located in the east central part of the state

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With 85 events approved for the day, Richmond-upon-Thames is the hottest spot for street parties in the capital.
Ham House, in Richmond-upon-Thames, Surrey, will feature in Scandalous Innocent.
Detectives from Richmond-upon-Thames are investigating."
Organiser: Touchstone Exhibitions and Conferences Ltd, Date: May 14-16, Venue: Paris, Information: Haleon House, 4 Red Lion St., Richmond-upon-Thames, Surrey TW9 1RW, Tel: (+44) 20/ 8332 0044, Fax: (+44) 20/ 8332 0874, email:, Web site:* The European company and workers' involvement: its importance for labour and business: Labour and business are looking to the opportunities and challenges which the new "Societas Europaea" Statute and the Directive on workers' involvement in the SE opens up.
For further details contact: Touchstone Exhibitions & Conferences Ltd - Haleon house, 4 Red Lion Street - Richmond-upon-Thames, Surrey TW9 1RW, UK Tel: +44(0)20.8332.0044 - Fax: +44(0)20 83320874 - E-mail: -* Emissions management strategies - Emissions Reduction & Emissions Trading an international conference to be staged in Brussels on 16 and 17 May 2001 by Global Business Network.
Richmond-upon-Thames is eight miles from the centre of the capital - but it could be in a different world.
- East Midlands, Loughborough, 65 - East of England, Leigh-on-Sea, 1 - London, Richmond-upon-Thames, 29 - North East England, Hexham, 12 - North West England, Macclesfield, 7 - Scotland, Edinburgh ,41 - South East England, Farnham, 2 - South West England, Christchurch, 4 - Wales, Monmouth, 3 - West Midlands, Leamington Spa, 5 - Yorkshire and the Humber, Skipton, 15
In May the Second City was ahead of Richmond-Upon-Thames, where prices had dropped by 0.1 per cent, and Islington, where prices have dropped by 3.9 per cent.
Which residential district of Richmond-upon-Thames contains the English Rugby Football Union ground?
He has been wheelchairbound since he fell down stairs at his home in Richmond-upon-Thames, West London, in December 2008.
Now, Stockton has been shortlisted in Britain in Bloom's city category alongside Bury, Richmond-upon-Thames, Wrexham and York.
But, in stark contrast, some plush parts of Greater London sent many hundreds of young people, including Richmond-upon-Thames (619), Hammersmith and Fulham (600) and Windsor and Maidenhead (539).
Saturday's game is part of a double header against the Harlequins with the two reserve sides meeting at Richmond-upon-Thames College, whose pitch is right next door to the Stoop (12.30pm).