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English literary critic who collaborated with C

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“Don’t lie, you black rascal!” cried Richard, stepping on the snow- bank to measure the distance from his lash to the negro’s back; “speak truth, or I trounce you.” While speaking, the stock was slowly rising in Richard’s right hand, and the lash drawing through his left, in the scientific manner with which drummers apply the cat; and Agamemnon, after turning each side of himself toward his master, and finding both equally unwilling to remain there, fairly gave in.
I must help that quack to take out the buckshot for the poor fellow.” In this manner Richard descended the mountain; the bells ringing, and his tongue going, until they entered the village, when the whole attention of the driver was devoted to a display of his horsemanship, to the admiration of all the gaping women and children who thronged the windows to witness the arrival of their landlord and his daughter.
``Treason hath been with us, Ivanhoe,'' said the King; ``but, thanks to these brave men, treason hath met its meed But, now I bethink me, thou too art a traitor,'' said Richard, smiling; ``a most disobedient traitor; for were not our orders positive, that thou shouldst repose thyself at Saint Botolph's until thy wound was healed?''
``desires no more fame than his good lance and sword may acquire him and Richard Plantagenet is prouder of achieving an adventure, with only his good sword, and his good arm to speed, than if he led to battle an host of an hundred thousand armed men.''
Firmin Richard reached his office that morning at eleven o'clock.
Firmin Richard had hardly finished reading this letter when M.
"Nay," quoth Sir Richard, "the stables of this place are not for me, so make way, I prythee." So saying, he pushed forward, and, the gates being opened, he entered the stony courtyard of the Priory, his men behind him.
The wizened face of the man of law was twisted into a wrinkled smile, for in his pouch were fourscore golden angels that the Prior had paid him in fee for the case betwixt him and Sir Richard of the Lea.
He only said (poor dear!)--'Bless my soul, Richard, what do you want?' Richard soon explained himself.
"You know Richard's way; Richard left him no other choice.
"First show me your warrants," said Sir Richard curtly.
And Sir Richard snapped his fingers and disappeared from the walls.
I felt this to be true; though if I may venture to mention what I thought besides, I thought it much to be regretted that Richard's education had not counteracted those influences or directed his character.
"I haven't the least idea," said Richard, musing, "what I had better be.
For a little time it seemed as if Sir Richard's daring might succeed.