Richard the Lionheart

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son of Henry II and King of England from 1189 to 1199

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Some of these, including poplar and bellflower, would have been blooming in April when Richard the Lionheart died; their pollen may have simply settled out of the air into the casket.
All 108 coins were found at the ruins of a 13th century castle at Arsuf, Israel, where Richard the Lionheart defeated the Muslim leader Saladin in the Crusades.
I found an image of Richard the Lionheart. That morning, coming to the end of the chapter about his mother Eleanor of Aquitaine, I had read of his death and how rarely he had seen his wife Berengaria, and so I wrote from her point of view.
While the earliest ballads containing references to Robin Hood were created at the beginning of the 15th century, he is now depicted as being a contemporary and supporter of the 12th century king Richard The Lionheart.
Richard the Lionheart spent six months of his 10-year reign in England and mostly spoke in French.
Dear Richard the Lionheart, it is encouraging that you are trying to educate your students about Scotland.
He was later known as Richard the Lionheart. Although he reigned for nearly 10 years, he was in England for a grand total of 160 days in that time.
To drift lazily down the 1,700-mile Danube is to connect with a tide of European history both highly cultured and fearsomely bloody - from the Romans to Richard the Lionheart, from the Hapsburgs to Hitler.
In another advertisement, the trio try to persuade an imperious Richard the Lionheart, the medieval English king and crusader, not to battle the Muslim leader Salahuddin, by offering him a war game on a laptop.
The Third Crusade is often discussed only in terms of Richard the Lionheart; but Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa was just as important.
From the Abbey the knights join Richard the Lionheart and sail for the Holy Land, known in the middle ages as Outremer.
Other works across the UK include a new twist to the English lions emblem, in which artist Shauna Richardson is creating Lionheart artwork, based around the story of Richard the Lionheart, to reflect the textile industry of the EastMidlands.
The romantic figure Richard the Lionheart is one of England's most recognizable monarchs.
Richard the Lionheart: Richard Craig points the away after opening the scoring and (inset) Sean Keith - who scored for the home side - tries a shot
Richard the Lionheart and a young archer from Sherwood Forest named Robard share the story line with the hero and narrator, Tristam.