Richard the Lion-Hearted

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son of Henry II and King of England from 1189 to 1199

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Words have meanings, and while those meanings enjoy remarkable range and can shift with context and the passage of time, "splintered" means today very much what it meant when Richard the Lion-Hearted sat upon his horse and headed to the Holy Land.
Not enough is definitely known about the mother of Richard the Lion-Hearted, so the biographer added other period material to flesh out the story.
In the realm of foreign policy, he seems to prefer the 1190's, when Richard the Lion-Hearted was embarking on one of his crusades to the Holy Land in a war of Christianity against Islam.
We walked through the entrance which is called by the locals 'Door of Richard the Lion-Hearted' to examine its barbicans, casements, towers, bastions and storerooms, much of which we found in excellent condition.
To these must be added a number of romances concerned specifically with the deeds of English heroes, such as Havelock the Dane and Richard Coeur de Lion (Richard the Lion-hearted), and a number of other romances, such as Sir Orfeo and Floire et Blancheflor, that belong to no particular cycle.