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United States writer whose work is concerned with the oppression of African Americans (1908-1960)


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Late in his 1971 essay, "Richard Wright: The Man Who Lived Underground," Michel Fabre contends that our critiques of Wright's works might strengthen should we address the author's aesthetic prowess, his narratological strategies, with the same close regard we usually give to what his books signify about black American experience or radical intellectual analysis.
Richard wright has a distinguished career in financial institutions worldwide, primarily in the field of Operations.
As she had been bred by Bernard, Mouse lost out on the Exhibitor-bred title, which went to Richard Wright's 18-month-old Ice Babe, reserve heifer overall.
Insightful and informative, "Richard Wright and Haiku" is a seminal work of impeccable scholarship, highly recommended reading for admirers of Richard Wright's novels, as well as students of haiku poetry in general.
Wang Zuyou: We know that you and Richard Wright's daughter, Julia Wright, were among the founders of the Richard Wright Circle in 1990, an organization dedicated to the study of Wright's life and work.
Gallery wall: Professor Michael Cullen, consultant medical Oncologist at the QE hospital in the corridor which has a series of Richard Wright's paintings.
Richard Wright with his artwork, called 'no title'', after he was awarded the 2009 Turner Prize Picture: JOHN STILLWELL
Painter Richard Wright, 49 won The Turner Prize today, Britain's most famous award.
Kristine Susan DeZarn and Scott Richard Wright, both of Eugene, were married Aug.
Richard Wright's work features an intricate gold-leaf pattern across a wall of the gallery.
Keane kept his players back in the dressing room after a match that would have been a landslide had it not been for a superb performance from former England keeper Richard Wright, which included a second-half penalty save from Luke Moore.
There has been a growing number of edited collections on Richard Wright scholarship in recent decades.
THE NATIONAL, international, and transnational spaces ever apparent in Richard Wright's search for a space to be a black man in the twentieth century are touchstones for the consideration of the intersection between race and place manifested in the power struggle Wright undertook as he sought to create a mature, masculine subjectivity in times both of decreasing economic and class resources and of challenging social and regional locations.
And in honour of Richard Wright, who died Last week, the show will incorporate a complete performance of Dark Side of the Moon.
IN WHITE MAN, LISTEN!, RICHARD WRIGHT GIVES US AN ANECDOTE OF A meeting with two acquaintances, one "an Englishman interested in Asia and Africa," the other "a West Indian Negro social scientist." As the three men have lunch, the Englishman directs numerous questions to Wright concerning the reactions of the colonized to their situation, questions which Wright obligingly answers.