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German composer of operas and inventor of the musical drama in which drama and spectacle and music are fused (1813-1883)

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Ahasvers Wandlungen could easily have been translated literally as Ahasuerus's Transformations, but perhaps Drama and the World of Richard Wagner was intended to have broader appeal.
The music, from the opera "De Walkuere" by 19th-century German composer Richard Wagner, was supposed to be performed in July at Jerusalem's Israel Arts Festival.
The drawings show very clearly how his ideas influenced Richard Wagner in the design of the Bayreuth Festspielhaus, notably the orchestra invisible to the audience.
His dramatic trilogy Der Held des Nordens (1808-10; "Hero of the North") is the first modern dramatic treatment of the Nibelung story and a source for the later dramas of Friedrich Hebbel and the operas of Richard Wagner. His most lasting success, however, has been the story of Undine, a water sprite who marries the knight Hildebrand to acquire a soul and thus become human but who later loses this love to treachery.
/ Jeder Flugelschlag ein / Schlag ins Gesicht." In hard times, Richard Wagner is one impressive example more of the benefits which have flowed into Germany as a result of the chaos which began in response to the Thousand-Year Reich.
Richard Wagner, a management professor at the University of Wisconsin who has done extensive research on outdoor training by corporations, says the cost of wilderness programs, the more strenuous, all-outdoors version of the training, averages $2,800 per participant, and outdoor-centered programs, which combine indoor living with outdoor exercises, average $300 a person.
The book ends with the hope that modern German music, specifically that of Richard Wagner, might give birth to a new tragic age.
Scriabin shared his obsession with a total work of art with composer Richard Wagner, whose idea was to incorporate music, dance, architecture and artwork in his music dramas.
H<Ee>bert presents an examination of the sustained popular interest in the works of Richard Wagner in nineteenth century France.
The additions include the Latvian National Opera production of Richard Wagner's opera The Flying Dutchman, ballet and tango from Argentina's Teatro Colon Permanent Ballet Company, and vibrant, theatrical production called Kan Ya Ma Kan (Once Upon A Time) from the Lebanese company Caracalla Dance Theatre.
In the spirit of Wagner's music and Visconti's lengthy films, the book includes three 'intermissions;' two of the intermissions examine the influence of Richard Wagner's music on films of the Nazi era, and the third looks at Thomas Mann's "Death in Venice" as an example of fin-de-siecle Arcadian fantasy.
Legend says that the British monarchy will only married Richard Wagner? fall if what leave the Tower of London?
All of this resulted in Alan's three books on Wagner: Richard Wagner: A Mystic in the Making (1991), Richard Wagner's Religious Ideas (1996) and The Ideas of Richard Wagner (1988, revised 2003).