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German composer of many operas


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Riem explained the theme "Destiny" was by no means limited to Beethoven, as it provided a "wonderful thread throughout the programming, for example in pairings of I-sang Yun and Richard Strauss," and he received numerous enthusiastic responses from the audience.
The project committee consists of its chair, Hartmut Schick (professor of musicology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat), Bernd Edelman (lecturer in music at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat), Claudia Heine (research associate of the Richard Strauss Edition), Wolfgang Horn (professor of musicology at the University of Regensburg), Jurgen May (former assistant director of the RSI), and Giselher Schubert (a founding editor of the Hindemith Edition and former head of the Hindemith Institute).
Richard Strauss, ridden by Connor Murtagh for trainer Philip Kirby, had to survive a stewards' inquiry.
The soloist in Richard Strauss' Second Horn Concerto is Australian horn virtuoso Helen MacDougall.
Synopsis: The life and music of Richard Strauss (1864--1949) span what was arguably the most turbulent period in human history, encompassing the Franco-Prussian War, the unification of Germany, and two world wars.
ANDRIS Nelsons continues his epic trawl with the CBSO through the tone-poems of Richard Strauss, arriving here with a magnificent account of Also Sprach Zar- Zar athustra, this probing and disturbing Nietzschederived work which is far more than its Space Odyssey-hijacked opening.
Francois-Xavier Roth conducts the 165-strong orchestra in a performance of Richard Strauss' romantic tone poem Ein Heldenleben, and Thomas Ades' Asyla, a contemporary work about the search for solace and refuge and featuring techno rhythms of the '90s clubbing scene.
READERS who are probably not regular viewers of Mrs Brown's Boys have reminded me that this year we celebrate the 150th anniversary of composer Richard Strauss.
My love affair with Richard Strauss began during my mid-teens, by which time I was addicted to Metropolitan Opera Saturday broadcasts.
Geneva : Swiss opera singer Lisa Della Casa, renowned for her interpretations of Mozart and Richard Strauss's works, has died aged 93, the Vienna Opera where she performed for many years.
Celebrating 125 Years: Horn Concerto Opus 11 by Richard Strauss by Peter Damm, translated by Cecilia (Baumann) Cloughly
Richard Strauss: A Musical Life, Raymond Holden, Yale University Press, 344 pages // The Cambridge Companion to Richard Strauss, Charles Youmans, ed., Cambridge University Press, 338 pages
Richard Strauss' opera Salome, based on Oscar Wilde's play, set the the standard for post-romantic decadence.
ANSWERS: 1 Taiwan; 2 Not The Nine O'Clock News; 3 Richard Strauss; 4 The Wash; 5 A second marriage following the ending of the first by divorce or by death; 6 Breakfast At Tiffany's; 7 Schoolteacher; 8 Steffi Graf; 9 A type of fungus; 10 Offa.