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rock star and drummer for the Beatles (born in 1940)

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Richard Starkey's son Jamie was shot six times, outside his home in Fazakerley, on December 6, 2012 - his killer has never been found
Accompanied by his wife, Barbara Bach, Ringo was knighted by Prince William with a ceremonial sword to become Sir Richard Starkey.
It was at the house where Starr, real name Richard Starkey, learned to play the drums and celebrated his 21st birthday.
Richard Starkey evolved from working-class roots and a sickly childhood to becoming one-quarter of the most famous rock-and-roll band in history.
In the summer of 1960 John was staying with pals at Butlins at Pwllheli, North Wales, where a band called Rory Storm and the Hurricanes was playing - with Beatles legend Ringo, then Richard Starkey, as its drummer.
Richard Starkey banged the drums with 53 when Brecon batted.
Does this mean that Richard II and Richard III were about Beatle Ringo Starr, whose real name is Richard Starkey? Incidentally, Beatle Paul McCartney turned 70 yesterday.
Starr, 71, whose real name is Richard Starkey, was born in the terraced property on July 7 1940 but his family moved away when he was still a baby.
On January 24, 1962, John Winston Lennon, George Harrison, James Paul McCartney and Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr) all put their names to paper on a deal that would guarantee them just a farthing each for every record sold.
The North-east Select's other wins came from Buckley, over Danny Allen, and Kevin Nelson of Plains Farm who comprehensively outpunched Richard Starkey.
The important thing for Ringo, born Richard Starkey, is that he tours on his own terms these days.
A humble terraced house at 9 Madryn Street is where Richard Starkey entered the world on July 7, 1940.
Birth name Richard Starkey? Jewish manager Brian Epstein?
By what name is the former member of The Beatles Richard Starkey more commonly known?