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Frozen ingredients: strawberries, blueberries, mango chunks; juice concentrates; frozen soy, coconut or rice ice cream of your choice.
Green corn tamalada Green Corn Tamales Sour Cream Butter Salsa Grilled Steak Slices Sliced Tomatoes Cilantro Pinto Beans Hot Cooked Rice Ice Cream or Flan Limeade, Iced Tea, or Beer
Two desserts followed: a moderately successful white chocolate mousse, followed by an absolutely divine black rice ice cream.
Serve sweet Potage sauce with a trio of sorbets, soy or rice ice cream, or sweetened tofu or pudding parfaits.
Some outstanding items: Miko Aspiras' rice ice cream, like cold arroz con leche, and Claude Tayag's baby corn, roasted then dipped in taba ng talangka (crab roe).