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To find Cote Rotie, head south from Lyon and follow the Rhone River until industrial yards yield to farmland.
More than 10,000 people have been evacuated from the Rhone river delta area which has been affected by drought, and there had been concerns that one of the blazes was close to Marseille which houses a number of petrochemical plants.
The Rhone glacier in Switzerland is a major tourist attraction and an important source for the Rhone River and Lake Geneva.
Our room overlooked the Rhone River. In the evening, we dined at Bouchon des Carnivores.
"We are working hard," Kerry told a journalist during the walkabout, which took them along the Rhone River flowing out of Lake Geneva, according to a U.S.
The longest canal tunnel in the world is France's Rove tunnel between the port of Marseilles and the Rhone river. Opened in 1926 and 7.16km long, ithas been closed since 1963 after a partial collapse.
On Friday they departed from Marignane airport, several miles from where the Rhone river flows into the Mediterranean.
Outside of Australia, the company offers the 10-day Royal Rajasthan and Beyond, the 10-day Road to Mandalay Luxury Cruise, the 10-day Rhone River Cruise Boutique Barge, the 10-day Ancient Egypt Luxury Nile Cruise, and the 10-day Northern Thailand Luxury Rail Journey.
Camargue - The wetlands in the Rhone river delta in the south of France are one of the best places in the country to observe wildlife.
For example, he asserts that the classical descriptions of the method of crossing the elephants over the Rhone River (ferrying them on rafts with at least some jumping off partway across) seems to assume the Carthaginians had limited knowledge of elephants, which they did not.
Sara Pritchard's history of the Rhone river after the Second World War adds to a spate of books that have been published in recent years on European rivers.
Fourquet received a letter from the magistrate in Tournon, a town on the Rhone River, about fifty miles south of Lyon.
The region along the Rhone River in southern France is an ancient wine-producing area (Figure 6.24).
Although the technique, known as laser-assisted water condensation, does not work in dry air, scientists were able to generate the droplets in very humid conditions over the Rhone river in Switzerland.
Consider rocky soils, lots of sun, and proximity to both the Mediterranean Sea and the Rhone River, and you have a winemaker's paradise.