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The new study evaluated a community weight loss campaign in Rhode Island called Shape Up RI-an annual campaign to help Rhode Islanders lose weight and increase physical activity through an online competition held over 12 weeks.
In 1772 for instance, when the British Revenue Cutter Gaspee grounded near Providence, several longboats of Rhode Islanders, led by Abraham Whipple, burned it during the night.
Mike Caparco, Sr, CEO of Capco Steel, said, 'Capco Steel is one of the largest privately owned fabricators in New England, employing hundreds of hard working Rhode Islanders.
As Rhode Islanders consider the name change, Brown University--one of the state's most prominent institutions--is grappling with its own link to the state's slave-trading past.
Rhode Islanders have shared their views about "school choice," which includes school vouchers, tax-credit scholarships, charter schools and virtual schools.
The institute is one of 12 affiliate operations under the college's Center for Public Policy, which seeks to have an impact on numerous issues of importance to Rhode Islanders.
decide what Medicaid services Rhode Islanders need?
Also in: More than 80 percent of surveyed Rhode Islanders - a state slightly larger than the United Nations building itself - oppose the nomination of John Bolton as U.
As of now, 400,000 out of 1 million Rhode Islanders meet the new [vaccination criteria] from the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention], but at best we'll get 100,000 doses.
Residents of Massachusetts think Rhode Islanders are parochial, and Iowans think Kansans are hopeless hicks.
We want a variety of Rhode Islanders to know they are welcome to apply here," Wall said.
Like many dairy farmers across the nation, the Rhode Islanders are faced with the lowest prices in 25 years, a frenzied rate of development, much higher production costs and intense competition further aggravated by better herds producing more milk.
We are impressed that so many Rhode Islanders have the foresight to invest in renewable energy.