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Species of the genus Cochliopodium are rhizopod amoeba with one or more pseudopodia and without a firm shell (Patterson & Hedley, 1992).
Thecamoebians are the rhizopods present in the upper calcareous mud layers.
On the surface of wet leaves, as well as on tree trunks or stones, and on the soil, the water is colonized by bacteria, fungi (yeasts), microscopic algae, rhizopods, flagellates, and ciliates (formerly called infusarians because they are found in infusions).
All other Protozoa, such as rhizopods, sporozoans, and ciliates, are derived from them, as are all eukaryotic algae (by the symbiogenetic origin of chloroplasts, or their lateral transfer by secondary symbiogeneses, as in the origin of chromists and chlorarachnean algae) and the four higher eukaryotic kingdoms.
Marsh microfossils known as foraminifera (forams), a group of Testate Rhizopods, are highly susceptible to such types of environmental pollution, and are being used to monitor the effects of the oil spill and the treatments.