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Synonyms for nix

no thing; not anything

not so


to prevent or forbid authoritatively

to be unwilling to accept, consider, or receive

Synonyms for nix

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The acrobatic Rhinemaidens were also strong-voiced, and the choice to cast Blythe as the Second Norn (with Luretta Bybee as the First, and the Sieglinde, Margaret Jane Wray, as the Third) was truly gold-standard cycling.
Each of the stories told by nearly every character-the Rhinemaidens, Loge, Erda, Siegmund, etc.
In the end the Rhinemaidens, whose precious ring was pinched back in 2011 by the dwarf Alberich, had their stolen goods returned but only at a terrible price.
Wagner's Dream contains a fleeting offstage lament by one of the Rhinemaidens, captured right after the embarrassing opening-night failure of Lepage's rainbow bridge: "Bummer, dude
In Wagner too there are significant groups, says Simon, 'Apart from the group of Gods which is rather like a dysfunctional family, there are the three Rhinemaidens, the three Norns and of course the famous Valkyries.
These mermaids manage to recall Prufrock's illusory sirens and Wagner's Rhinemaidens, as well as a feminist consciousness of lifeless stereotypes, while making an understated comment on American militarism.
The Rhinemaidens made lovely sounds despite their bothersome business; the Norns were good, too, and I admired their sangfroid amid the Machine's unnervingly seesawing slats.
And at the end of the interval you are summoned back to the Hall of Mirrors by a trio of Alpenhorns (such splendid instruments, but be careful how you step around them), and sounding just like Wagner's Rhinemaidens.