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white grape grown in Europe and California

fragrant dry or sweet white wine from the Rhine valley or a similar wine from California

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Other grape varieties produced in the region include Shiraz, Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Merlot.
One attractive example is Tesco's Australian Rhine Riesling. It's fresh and dry with a citrus aroma and apple fruitiness and comes in at just pounds 3.49.
A "Rhine Riesling Disorder" observed in the Riverland Area of Victoria and South Australia was suspected (Magarey and Wachtel, 1986) and later confirmed (Padovan et al., 1995) to be caused by a phytoplasma.
The major white varieties are: Muller-Thurgau, Italian and Rhine Riesling, Traminer, white Burgundy (Chardonnay), Green Veltliner, Neuburg, Sauvignon and Mopr, a cross between Muscat Ottonel and Prachtroube.
It also won the Dry Riesling trophy for a 1982 Rhine Riesling entered by Peter Lehmann Wines.