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All tourists MENTION the Rhine legends--in that sort of way which quietly pretends that the mentioner has been familiar with them all his life, and that the reader cannot possibly be ignorant of them--but no tourist ever TELLS them.
We had agreed to descend the Rhine in a boat from Strasbourg to Rotterdam, whence we might take shipping for London.
The weather remained fine, and we made excellent progress, but everywhere along the Rhine we met with the same disappointment--no sign of civilized man, in fact, no sign of man at all.
Matters remained thus for several days, and we continued our journey up the Rhine. At Cologne, I had hoped to find some reassuring indications, but there was no Cologne.
I was still some distance ahead of Delcarte and Taylor, when I came in sight of the Rhine again.
* Initially, we might question the Rhine being considered 'Europe's greatest river'.
Kaub, Germany: Just after sunrise, Captain Frank Sep turned to his ship's radio for the defining news of his day: the water level in Kaub, the shallowest part of the middle section of the Rhine River, Germany's most important shipping route.
Maya Zahn Rhine believes in advocating not only for her clients but also for diversity in the legal profession.
Sarah Lee Rhine (nee Brown), former resident of Eldorado, peacefully passed away July 25, 2018 in Elsmere, Kentucky.
The romantic Rhine rock Loreley in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley has a new representative: Tasmin Sophie Fetz (19) thus realizes a childhood dream according to her own statement.As a child, her nickname was Loreley, said the future chemical laboratory assistant from DE[micro]rscheid.
The Romantic Rhine Cruise to Switzerland 9-day River Cruise from PS1879 Flying from Edinburgh, 14 June 2018 Sail past great cities, villages and famous wine towns and beneath the Lorelei.
Christopher Viana, PDEA director in Quezon, said one of the gunmen shot dead Rhine Christine Briones-Alcala, 38, also known as Arlene, wife of Sahjid Alcala, said to be the leader of the Alcala drug syndicate.
An international group of scholars has met on occasion since 2010 to study the Rhine River in its various political, cultural, and historical figurations, and to present their views beyond the accustomed German-French setting to the English-speaking academic world.