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someone skilled in the use of a rifle

a soldier whose weapon is a rifle

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Certain common themes can be observed among the organizations that make up the RFN support ecosystem, and these can be instructive in furthering thinking about the driving forces behind RFN organizations in general.
[26], who observed a mean percentage drip loss of 7% for the exudative meats (PSE and RSE), 3% for RfN, and 2% for DFD meats.
Conversely, through the criteria based only on [pH.sub.45min], on [pH.sub.45min] and R-value (HONIKEL & FISHER, 1977) and only on [L.sup.*] (MAGANHINI et al., 2007), most of the samples (53 to 68%) were classified as RFN, whereas a large part of them (32 to 38%) was classified as PSE.
He got back to his original position and saw Rfn Turner with "catastrophic" injuries and knew there was nothing they could do.
One of Rfn Jacobs' 2 Rifles comrades wished the couple well.
Tributes to Rfn Farmer from platoon commander Liutenant Palmer Winstanley recalled a man who was "mature beyond his years" with a "real depth of character".
Not only the big names such as Sir Arthur Currie, Andy McNaughton and Harry Crerar but also Rfn. Fred McCallum, who was with Toronto's Queen's Own Rifles during the Fenian Raids.
After broach-turning, each camshaft moves to one of five Heller RFN 300/800 CNCs for cam-lobe milling.
The following names are just some of the young men from the Merseyside area who gave their lives in the Korean war: Gnr Thomas Fox; F/Sgt Peter; ET Brookes (RAF); Rfn Stanley Heeley; Kgn Leslie Montgomery; Pte Cyril Howcroft; Pte Leslie G Apter; Pte Thomas Clarke; Pte Edward M Halligan; Kgn Peter O'Neill; Gnr Douglas Parker; Rfn Thomas White; and Spr Charles H Hopegood.
EUR16.7 million class RFN: 'AAA(EXP)sf'; Outlook Stable
Our empirical work suggests that the farmers who participate in Oregon's RFN also use environmentally sensitive farm practices.
The following are just some of the young men from Birmingham who gave their lives in Korea - Cpl Reginald Whittingham, Pte Robert W Hughes, Cpl Walter D Possee, Sig Brian J Clackett, Pte Dennis N Barber, Mne Royston Wooldridge (RM), Cpl Ronald B Babb, Rfn Kenneth Fletcher, Cpl Norman Fenemer, Cpl Edward W Smith, Fus Derek E Tamblyn, Cpl David N Fellows.
Rfn Ainsley Nash said using thermal imaging he had identified a crouching figure at the position, called N30, near Sangin in Helmand, Afghanistan.
While serving with the 3rd Battalion the Rifles last December, Rfn Nickson dived into a freezing canal to rescue a comrade after he was blown up by a Taliban bomb.