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the maximum credit that a customer is allowed

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The new applicable rate for revolving loans is initially LIBOR plus 2.
There are five charities in the area including, AlHarsh Society which carries out a revolving loans project, goat breeding project, and a training center on the use of computers and the Internet, in addition to the Association of Al Hamra for people with special needs which is implementing a beekeeping project and computer center.
Initially, for term loans and revolving loans maintained as LIBOR, Euribor or Bankers' Acceptance loans the margin will be 1.
Finally, the initial interest rate for term loans and revolving loans maintained as Eurodollar Rate or CDOR Rate loans, the margin will be 1.
5m outstanding under its revolving loans, bringing its revolving loan balance to zero.
Interest rates applicable to the term loans and the revolving loans are either at a Eurodollar Rate (which is based in part on LIBOR and the Company's consolidated leverage ratio) or a fluctuating rate per annum based on Bank of America, N.
The Company is obligated to make mandatory repayments on the term and revolving loans with the net proceeds of any asset sales.
The Partnership intends to use the net proceeds from the offering to repay the $600 million term loan and most of the revolving loans outstanding under Regency's credit facility.
to extend the repayment period of its term and revolving loans to December 31, 2007.
The new facility provides for revolving loans and the issuance of letters of credit to Veritas and certain of its subsidiaries of up to $45 million in the United States, $15 million in Canada, $15 million in Singapore and $10 million in the United Kingdom.
The agreement provides for secured revolving loans of up to $100 million in aggregate principal amount.
Both of the term loans and both of the revolving loans will bear interest at prime plus 10% and will each initially involve a 364-day term, which terms are extendable in accordance with the governing loan agreements.
Under the new credit facility, the Company may use revolving loans for working capital and other general purposes including acquisitions.