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the maximum credit that a customer is allowed

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Some of the most highly attended sessions will be offered, again, this year including: Cost Allocation Options, Month-End Processing, Report Writer Basics; and Revolving Loan Servicing Software Setups, Master Files and Schedules.
Separate from the revolving loan fund, the economic development grant program was started about a decade ago, Mizejewski said, and has helped dozens of local businesses buy equipment and hire workers.
There are five charities in the area including, AlHarsh Society which carries out a revolving loans project, goat breeding project, and a training center on the use of computers and the Internet, in addition to the Association of Al Hamra for people with special needs which is implementing a beekeeping project and computer center.
The relationship with the bank extends as far back as 1997, and the revolving loan account was renewed annually until the loan went into default in the summer of 2009.
The revolving loan fund has the potential to help local farmers meet their infrastructure needs, diversify products, increase environmental practices, fill gaps in the local food supply and create new markets," said Co-op General Manager Jim Ashby.
The $100,000 is a revolving loan funds grant, awarded to eligible entities that in turn serve as banker for independent parties to take loans out against and perform the brownfields cleanup.
The 110th Congress reversed previous attempts by the Administration to drastically cut funding for the Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund program, which had been slated to be eliminated.
A typical bank revolving loan covenant, for example, may set out the following requirements: a minimum amount of shareholders' equity, a maximum debt-to-equity ratio, and/or a minimum current ratio.
As part of its Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund Pilot Program, the U.
Eighty-five per cent of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte's homes are privately owned, because of the 2,200-member band's revolving loan program that offers low interest rates for complete mortgage terms.
This growth is due in large part to technical assistance grants and a $15 million revolving loan fund established by Congress and administered by the National Credit Union Administration, the federal agency that oversees and insures the nearly 12,000 credit unions nationwide.
In connection with the Offer, the Company intends to enter into a new $170 million asset-based revolving loan facility.
The Revolving Loan Fund is an invaluable resource to arts organizations that produce work on a project basis," said Jaynie Saunders Tiller, Managing Director of New Georges, a New York City-based company home to some of the most adventurous women theater artists working today.
The Allentown Revolving Loan Fund grant is one of 31 supplemental brownfields grants totaling $13.
Amman, July 18 (Petra)--The Noor Al-Hussein Foundation signed on Monday an agreement with the Al Azraq Multi Purpose Community Cooperative to transfer the management and operation of its revolving loan fund to the local community.