line of credit

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the maximum credit that a customer is allowed

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Inability of REITs to renew revolving lines of credit would likely hinder the capability of such REITs to meet their financial obligations and would likely result in rating downgrades," said Marks.
GMAC-RFC Health Capital is providing a $17 million revolving line of credit and a $15 million term loan to Medegen Holdings, LLC, a leading manufacturer and marketer of medical products worldwide.
According to CFC CFO, Steven Lilly, the increase in the overall size of the revolving lines from the prior $3.
Even though both Lyondell and Equistar have manageable debt maturities over the next few years, the ratings reflect concerns that both companies may be totally dependent on their revolving lines of credit if current cash balances decrease and margin improvement does not materialize.
Both bank revolving lines mature in June 2006 with no prior amortization, and amounts outstanding will bear interest at variable interest rates.
The proceeds initially have been utilized to reduce borrowings under the company's revolving lines of credit; ultimately the proceeds will be used to redeem the remaining $72 million of the company's convertible subordinated notes due Nov.
BACC structures its loans as revolving lines of credit secured by Accounts Receivable and Inventory, and to complete the package, term loans secured by Machinery and Equipment.