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capable of being revoked or annulled

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Under the agreement, GAMCO Investors Inc has repurchased 1.2m shares from the Frederick J Mancheski Revocable Trust and a related foundation.
Therefore, probate avoidance applies to other types of assets if they are held in a revocable trust.
* If the split-dollar arrangement terminated during either the life of the insured child, or at the insured child's death, the revocable trust/payor would have to receive the greater of the premiums paid or the cash value of that policy and nothing else.
The simplest difference between the two is that assets remain in the grantor's estate in a revocable trust but move out of the estate in an irrevocable trust.
It shall not be necessary to the validity of the trust agreement or declaration of trust, whether revocable or irrevocable, that it have a trust corpus other than the right of the trustee to receive death benefits.
Paul's practice centers on revocable trusts, which not only direct her clients' desired asset distribution without the cost and complexity of probate or other court-monitored administration, but also provide for the person's care and asset management in the event of illness or incapacity.
The act adds the following language to section 1c of the Joint Tenancy Act (765 ILCS 1005/1c): Where the homestead is held in the name or names of a trustee or trustees of a revocable inter vivos trust or of revocable inter vivos trusts made by the settlors of such trust or trusts who are husband and wife, and the husband and wife are the primary beneficiaries of one or both of the trusts so created, and the deed or deeds conveying title to the homestead to the trustee or trustees of the trust or trusts specifically state that the interests of the husband and wife to the homestead property are to be held as tenants by the entirety, the estate created shall be deemed to be a tenancy by the entirety.
These expenses and time delays may be avoided by having all of your assets titled to a Revocable Living Trust or by having assets pass by operation of law such as a beneficiary designation or payable on death asset titling.
In Gerson, the decedent's husband had created a revocable trust that became irrevocable on his death.
A revocable trust, as its name implies, is a trust established during a client's lifetime that can be revoked by the client.
A living trust, also known as a Revocable Living Trust or a Family Trust, is a viable financial planning tool for anyone--not just the rich and famous.
In New York City, to legally install barriers at the vehicle curb, the building owner must obtain a Revocable Consent, as well as various construction permits.
Drafting a will ensures that your estate is transferred according to your wishes--a revocable trust would also be beneficial.
A revocable living trust (RLT) is one created by the grantor during lifetime, in which during his lifetime, the grantor retains the right to totally revoke the trust, change its terms, and/or regain possession of the property in the trust.