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a barrier against explosives

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a facing (usually masonry) that supports an embankment

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Different from traditional ecological revetments design, diversified structures of cross section were created in Qinhu Wetland Park by constructing microtopography in the transverse zone.
A revetment or barrier which will be 2.1m thick and 6.7m high will be built, and the existing beach access will be refurbished.
Others are ineligible to build revetments because they did not have a house on the land before 1978, when the state Wetlands Protection Act was implemented.
The marina and development will be protected from these swells and waves by the East and West Revetments.
"They also suggested that an extension to the existing rock revetment could be used to control erosion further.
Military installations have recurring needs for aggregate to use as fill, roads, revetments and other projects.
The main culprit is a series of revetments, stone levees that are reinforced with wire mesh, built in the 1930s to protect the road and facilities from the flood-prone river.
Riprap and rock-filled gabion basket revetments that have been planted can be considered environmental treatments but their lack of aesthetic appeal and habitat value puts these methods at the bottom of our list of preferred alternatives.
Mr John Popham, of the National Trust, said: "Within their 30-year life, the revetments will be insufficient in protecting clifftop properties from the effects of erosion.
The revetments before excavation at both sites were in excellent condition.