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a basketball shot made with one hand from a position under or beside the basket (and usually banked off the backboard)


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With no Gumaru to spot up from the outside, no Nichols, in one particular play, Salado drove and tried another of those zany twisting reverse lay-ups of his.
If the speed dribble alone will not lead to an open shot, the reverse lay-up will allow the offensive player to continue toward the basket at full speed, knowing that the defender will have great difficulty in deflecting the shot.
A weak reverse lay-up will often produce an easy blocked shot for the defense.
Still, the Burmese are slowly becoming fan favorites in the tournament, with Aung Wana dazzling the crowd with his reverse lay-ups en route to a 21 points and four rebounds.
Though he played only six minutes, Seigle was still instrumental in helping TNT build enough cushion with his back-to-back reverse lay-ups in the fourth quarter turned an 81-80 deficit to an 87-81 lead.