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a telephone call that the receiving party is asked to pay for

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By using a reverse charge call service, subscribers can make a call at the called party's expense upon the latter's consent.
It will enable them to place a reverse charge call to any number on the Orange network.
There she made a reverse charge call to a friend who contacted the police.
And soon the Samaritans will be bracing themselves to take a reverse charge call from Lahore if his luck doesn't change.
Or if the Queen wants to make a reverse charge call from Buck House to Charles at Highgrove, I'll be assisting.
In fact, payphones played such a part in the early days that his nom de plume of Marlborough in the Daily Telegraph was coined when the then sports editor noticed the number of reverse charge calls that were accepted from that exchange on his behalf.
Every time I see a withheld number on my phone I think for a second it is Hannah because she always used to make reverse charge calls to me.
BT concluded they might still be required by the community, but should be converted to accept phonecards or credit cards only, as well as emergency and reverse charge calls.
It could also end reverse charge calls as customers will be supplied with an 0800 number when they are out.
I would be happy to accept reverse charge calls and reimburse postage.