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United States religious leader (born in Korea) who founded the Unification Church in 1954


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They were married with 6,000 other couples in South Korea, where they were blessed by the Reverend Moon.
There is no index entry for the Reverend Moon, and I needed another reference to find the Unification Movement.
That means he is thinking, 'What is Reverend Moon's idea?' Through The Washington Times and the other media which we have at our disposal, I introduced this whole concept, even bringing to America an interview with Kim Il-Sung." (Moon also called the just-defeated George Bush Senior and his administration "dog-like" for refusing to support his plan for assuming command of Korea.)
Thus, media-friendly think-tanks like the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute are able to funnel material to a receptive and influential network that includes Reverend Moon's Washington Times, Rush Limbaugh's radio show, Fox News, The Weekly Standard and the Wall Street Journal editorial page.
People who followed Reverend Moon, "moonies" as they were called, believed him to be the Messiah, in constant struggle with Satan, come to save the world and complete the work of Jesus Christ (Stein).
When Catholic Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo married Korean acupuncturist Maria Sung in a mass ceremony conducted by the Reverend Moon last May the pope ordered the archbishop to renounce his marriage or suffer excommunication.
The Reverend Moon believed it important to keep global concerns alive in the minds of readers and so encouraged a global perspective.
In the beginning of chapter 1, then, Hong explains with clarity the origin and power of the Unification Church: "The messianic message of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon might have sounded like the ravings of a madman had it been delivered on a soapbox in New York's Times Square, but the Reverend Moon sprang from Korean soil, out of the particular circumstances of my country's spiritual traditions and its turbulent century of foreign occupation, civil war, and political division" (14).
No one has tried harder to lay claim to the purity mantle than Reverend Moon. His published speeches are awash with references to the sexual impurity of his religious and political enemies (often recounted in startling, Kenneth Starr-like detail).
Moon, the company's prima ballerina and Reverend Moon's daughter-in-law.
In a controversial decision Mr Justice Sedley held that the Home Secretary's decision to ban the Reverend Moon, cult leader of the Moonies, from entering the country was `unlawful by reason of procedural unfairness'.(8) He reasoned that because the Reverend Moon had been allowed entry on two previous occasions, he might reasonably expect the opportunity to state his case if this time the Home Secretary was considering refusing him admission.
"First the feds put that Reverend Moon character in jail for tax evasion," Clarke told me in February when I asked why he thinks the federal government is dangerous.
What I probably appreciated and enjoyed most in this book is the author's rich and erudite discussion of creative and not-so-creative individuals, ranging from Gilgamesh to Reverend Moon, from Descartes to Sartre, from Freud to Jung and Skinner, from Titian to Turner, Picasso and Warhol, from Goethe to Ibsen, Joyce and Beckett, etc., etc.
As he told Conservative Digest: Reverend Moon "would like to liberate Moscow by the year 2000.'
Channel Four is well-known for showing films that are as entertaining as they are informative, and this one is no different, as it follows three British youngsters travelling to Korea to be blessed by their messiah - Reverend Moon - at one of the movement's controversial mass weddings.