reverberatory furnace

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a furnace in which the material that is being treated is heated indirectly by flames that are directed at the roof and walls of the furnace

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Cleaning the Furnace--"The central focus of this painting is an open reverbatory furnace.
gas reverbatory furnace to provide capacity for two new Hunter mold lines, Mahoney Foundry found the reverb was expensive to operate, prone to oxide formation and did not provide alloy flexibility.
Denison's melt department consists of both electric holder, electric melters, and gas fired reverbatory furnaces.
The "Welsh method" involved multiple roastings in a long line of reverbatory furnaces, and it held sway for a century and a half after 1720.
The company has pioneered the application of industrial gas-based technologies on both rotary and reverbatory furnaces for copper smelting and is constantly seeking to develop and improve the range.
The plan contemplates that Southern Peru will continue to operate its existing reverbatory furnaces while the new furnace is constructed and brought on-line, thereby maintaining normal production during the construction and start-up period.