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an antiviral drug (trade name Retrovir) used in the treatment of AIDS

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I'hree nucleosides that have this effect are Retrovir (zidovudine), which is part of Combivir; Videx (didanosine); and Zerit (stavudine).
Program Abstr Conf Retrovir Oppor Infect 2004 Feb 8-11 11th San Francisco California : abstract no.
GSK reduce tambien el precio de otros como el Epivir 5 pesos, Retrovir (AZT), a 8 pesos, lo que significae entre el 38 y 45 38% menos.
NRTIs--Ziagen, Trizivir, Videx, Epivir, 3TC, Combivir, Zerit, d4T, Viread, Hivid, Retrovir, AZT
A typical anti-HIV cocktail consists of one protease inhibitor, such as Kaletra or Viracept, and two nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, such as Zerit, Retrovir, and Videx.
Researchers in the US have found a new class of HIV-1 which appears to be becoming resistant to the drug zidovudine, also known as AZT or Retrovir.
Also known as zidovudine and Retrovir, Azidothymidine was approved by the FDA in March of 1987, just a few years after the disease had reached crisis level here in the U.
Zidovudine (Azidothymidine, AZT, Retrovir, ZDV), Glaxo Wellcome
For instance, in Britain, where parallel importing is common, the list price for Glaxo's Retrovir is 125 [pounds sterling], but consumers can purchase the same brand-name drug imported from other European countries for as low as 54 [pounds sterling].
Its products include the world's biggest-selling drug, anti-ulcer treatment Zantac, virus treatment Zovirax, migraine treatment Imigran, asthma drug Ventolin and Aids treatments Retrovir and Epivir.
John was taking Retrovir, a drug prescribed only for patients with AIDS.
The investigation showed that Doe had been getting prescriptions for Retrovir, an anti-AIDS drug.
Preliminary results of a international trial of Retrovir (zidovudine, also known as AZT) indicate that treatment with the drug can reduce by two-thirds the risk of HIV-infected pregnant women transmitting the virus to their babies.
Department of Health and Human Services, described a recent nationwide study that found that the antiviral drug zidovudine (trademark Retrovir, commonly known as AZT) may delay the progression to AIDS in symptomless infected individuals.
A videocassette describing the use of Retrovir (AZT), the only anti-AIDS drug approved by the FDA, was sent unsolicited to thousands of physicians across the nation.