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posterior branch of the facial vein

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CECT later revealed lung cavitations, parotid and retromandibular stranding without any local collection as seen in Figure-1 and Figure-2
Durante el abordaje quirurgico de la glandula parotida o reduccion de fracturas condilares, la vena retromandibular es usada como guia para exponer las ramas del nervio facial.
He began draining purulent material from his retromandibular incision, and this was opened and the abscess drained.
Micrognathia is the term used for a hypoplastic mandible with consequent small retromandibular space.
Segue no sentido cranio-rostral, medialmente ao ventre posterior do musculo digastrico, cruzando a arteria carotida comum no plano horizontal, penetrando na regiao retromandibular lateralmente ao osso hioide e se insinuando entre as fibras dos musculos milohioideo e hioglosso, comecando a se subdividir.
Left retromandibular vein (RMV) was formed in the substance of parotid gland by the union of maxillary and superficial temporal vein as usual.
The external jugular vein began at the angle of the mandible as the continuation of posterior division of retromandibular and passed at first superficial to the sternocleidomastoid muscle, then deep to the muscle and drained into the internal jugular vein above the midpoint of the line joining the angle of the mandible to the middle of the clavicle.
Although it is used infrequently, the submandibular approach may be used to insonate the retromandibular and extradural segments of the ICA (Fig 6), if a patient's condition warrants or permits it.
The retromandibular transparotid approach for reduction and rigid internal fixation using two locking miniplates in mandibular condylar neck fractures.
Venous ectasias of the retromandibular vein are rare lesions that can mimic a parotid mass on imaging.
8 cm in width from the retromandibular region to mid cervical region suggestive of External Jugular Vein (EJV) Thrombosis.
In the present case, he superficial temporal vein united with maxillary vein to form retromandibular vein within the substance of the left parotid gland.
The most common way is to determine the relationship of the mass to the retromandibular vein, which lies just deep to the facial nerve.
The most common site of occurence is the perimandibular region, affecting the angle of the jaw, cheek, submental region, retromandibular region, or tempromandibular region.
Here we present 2 such cases and, for comparison, a case of mild widening of the retromandibular vein.