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a forward dislocation of one vertebra over the one beneath it producing pressure on spinal nerves

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There were compression collapse of T10/T11 vertebrae with mild retrolisthesis (white arrow) and a grade-one-to-two compression collapse of L1 vertebra with minimal retrolisthesis (white arrowhead).
Their complications included superimposed degenerative scoliosis (2 cases), upper adjacent segment retrolisthesis (1 case), screw breakage (1 case), and postoperative infection (1 case).
Complications No tracheostomy Tracheostomy Dysphagia and infection (1) Infection (4) Dysphagia, infection, vocal Sub glottic stenosis (3) cord paralysis (1) Retrolisthesis (1) Vocal cord paralysis (2) Facet subluxation (1) Dysphagia (2) CSF leak (1)
These DDD patients also may have up to Grade 1 spondylolisthesis or retrolisthesis at the involved levels.
1966 of birth, because of lumbosacral osteochondrosis with formation of hernia of disk VL5-VS1, degenerative retrolisthesis VL5, spinal channel stenosis, instability of the spinal-motor segment with persistent vertebrogenic and pain root syndrome on the right there was performed bilateral extended interlaminectomy VL5-VS1, partial resection of the joint processes, removal of disk hernia, decompression of the spinal channel, foraminotomy, posterior interbody spondylodesis with implant from porous titanium nickelid and stabilization with transpedicular system "Siluet".