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Synonyms for retrocede

to move back or away from a point, limit, or mark

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When a dispute arose, Allianz sued the retrocedents in Minnesota state court, seeking rescission of the contract and damages.
In their motion to dismiss and/or compel arbitration, the retrocedents asserted reinsurance industry custom and practice.
The retrocedents also relied on the FAA and the Arbitral Awards Convention, noting the U.
The retrocedent (Unigard) sued its retrocessionaire (Kansa) to recover indemnity payments it had made to its cedents.
In Kansa (footnote 4) the court found significant the fact that the retrocedent consistently invited the retrocessionaire to ask questions or otherwise seek additional information from the retrocedent, but the retrocessionaire never did until the treaty was four years into run-off.