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Release date- 22082019 - ONL Therapeutics, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapies for protecting the vision of patients with retinal disease, today announced it recently raised $3 million in a convertible note financing.
The company also announced TODAY that it is expanding its gene therapy portfolio by entering into a sponsored research agreement with UMass Medical School and an exclusive option agreement for rights to develop and commercialise novel AAV gene therapy product candidates utilising a mutation independent minigene therapy approach for the treatment of vision loss in USH2A-related inherited retinal diseases.
BioTime is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing new cellular therapies for degenerative retinal diseases, neurological conditions associated with demyelination, and aiding the body in detecting and combating cancer.
Smoking - Research has revealed that smoking doubles the risk of retinal diseases like age-related macular degeneration.
Raising awareness in our community about my sons's condition and other retinal diseases is very important because people should understand the challenges, as well as our hope for a brighter future.
* New algorithm can assess OCT scans for more than 50 different retinal diseases.
The program addresses advanced retinal diseases and injuries that affect the quality of life for people with no treatment options.
Spark Therapeutics: A Constellation of Inherited Retinal Diseases (IRDs)
The areas they cover are age-related macular degenerations, macular diseases, diabetic retinopathy, retinal vascular disease, retinal degenerations and dystrophies, retinal and choroidal tumors, congenital and pediatric retinal diseases, traumatic and toxic retinopathies, and peripheral retinal disease.
Retinal diseases account for a significant share of the vision loss burden, compared to other eye-related diseases that can cause blindness.
"There is no approved treatment available for Stargardt's, so we are very excited about the opportunity to test remofuscin and offer these patients the hope that we may be able to stop the progression of the condition." Professor Carel Hoyng, specialist in inherited retinal diseases at Radboud University Medical Centre in the Netherlands, said: "This drug's potential goes beyond existing approaches.
Apart from these problems, the Eye Center is also equipped to address: General Ophthalmology; Emergency Ophthalmic Services; Treatment of Eye Infections; Treatment of Diseases of the Cornea; Treatment of Eye Trauma; Cataract in the Young; Retinal Diseases; Laser Treatment of Retinal Diseases; Glaucoma and Laser Surgery; Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Eye; Pediatric Eye Surgery and Eye Alignment (Strabismus).
Retinal diseases are becoming quite common and its diagnosis as well as treatment is quite expensive which many patients cannot afford.
Moosajee will speak on 'Genomic Medicine for Inherited Retinal Diseases', and will be joined at the conference by colleagues and fellow speakers from Moorfields Eye Hospital London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Owing to a combination of lifestyle changes, such as increased consumption of a high-fat diet and decreased physical activity, and extended life expectancy, an increasing number of people are at risk for retinal diseases, and the resulting economic burden imposed on health care systems is increasing accordingly.