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a meter for measuring electrical resistance in ohms

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The time saving for the resistance measurement section of the combined characterisation test (where the pre-conditioning will also double-up as the capacity measurement) will be down to the use of either the PPT method test time (duration circa 300 minutes) or the shorter multisine test time (duration circa 5 minutes).
For another example, consider that an additional four-wire resistance measurement takes place on the second matrix.
In [7] the author provides a theoretical basis of a new method of GD resistance measurement with a three-electrode measuring setup with any character of soil heterogeneity, of any size and configuration of GD and the arbitrary placement of the measurement electrodes without finding the point of zero potential.
This condensate resistance measurement method is based on the stabilized current, which flows through the substrate used to deposit the material being evaporated.
All three test methods mentioned above involved ISO 28580 rolling resistance measurements conducted at different stages of testing.
Humidity testing at +85[degrees]C/85% RH was conducted, and resistance measurements taken at 250, 500, 750, and 1,000 hours of storage.
Most electrostatic discharge (ESD) control standards require some form of resistance measurement.
The model 7044 digit LCR sourcing digital multimeter provides additional measurement functions, including inductance, capacitance and resistance measurement and sourcing capabilities.
The second reason is that the acupuncture measurement in medicine is almost the same as the resistance measurement in electronics.
During the course of permeability testing it was observed that the physical movement of cells including laboratory handling coupled with a change in temperature caused immediate inconsistencies in resistance measurement.
The study, conducted by ESIS Risk Control Services, a business unit of Philadelphia-based Ace USA, used a slip resistance measurement device known as the Variable Incidence Tribometer to determine exactly how well a given product worked--that is to determine the precise amount by which a product increased slip resistance on certain surfaces under certain conditions.
Tenders are invited for supply of earth resistance measurement kits clamp meters, and multi meters
TEGAM said it has been working to meet the challenges of precision resistance measurement for more than 30 years; its line of bond meters and micro-ohmmeters provides engineers and maintenance personnel with easy-to-use bond testing and low-resistance measurement instruments.