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a meter for measuring electrical resistance in ohms

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The experimental validation of the grounding device resistance measurement method.
The conversion of the resistance measurement into a radius measurement is outlined in equations 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
This large variation is reduced to only a 2.24% over-estimation by using the quick test for the multisine resistance measurement (start temperature for multisine is 33[degrees]C).
Direct-current resistance measurements are performed with low applied current to avoid self-heating in the thermistor, which is clearly undesirable.
This condensate resistance measurement method is based on the stabilized current, which flows through the substrate used to deposit the material being evaporated.
All three test methods mentioned above involved ISO 28580 rolling resistance measurements conducted at different stages of testing.
The same measurement fixture was used for electric resistance measurement according to standard specification according to (Heaney 1999), in order to evaluate the electric conductivity across the reinforcement sheets, also using the van der Paw technique, the electric resistivity along reinforcement was evaluated and the results were presented in (Circiumaru et al.
The test die included four-wire resistance measurement sites that provide for high accuracy resistance measurements.
Most electrostatic discharge (ESD) control standards require some form of resistance measurement. We rely heavily on resistance for process monitoring and material selection.
The model 7044 digit LCR sourcing digital multimeter provides additional measurement functions, including inductance, capacitance and resistance measurement and sourcing capabilities.
Usually, people call the electronic measurement of acupuncture skin resistance measurement." 4-13 There are several reasons to use such terminology.
Usually cells that have not been moved before resistance measurement show a requirement to attain a steady state reading.
The study, conducted by ESIS Risk Control Services, a business unit of Philadelphia-based Ace USA, used a slip resistance measurement device known as the Variable Incidence Tribometer to determine exactly how well a given product worked--that is to determine the precise amount by which a product increased slip resistance on certain surfaces under certain conditions.
This AD would require electrical resistance measurement (ELM) on the ground studs of the No.