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Synonyms for resemblance

Synonyms for resemblance

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similarity in appearance or external or superficial details

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OUR performance at Crystal Palace was resemblant of a team who are willing to take a couple of steps back.
67) In l'Aigle a deux tetes this mechanism is even transposed into the staged fiction as a mise en abyme when, in the first act, we perceive an immense portrait of the deceased king in the queen's bedroom, after which Stanislas enters the same room and indeed doubles the painted image through his strikingly resemblant "liveness"' (68) This duality, however, is double only in a strictly poetic sense, as the ontological effect and cognitive affect so generated thrives on precisely the "perverse" tension between recognition and estrangement.
red, which takes its cue from military staff games, and more importantly the depiction of a bridge in Greenland which is strongly resemblant of the Tower Bridge in London.
Molecular distinction of two resemblant abalone, Haliotis discus discus and Haliotis discus hannai by 18S rDNA sequences.
its unquestionably more internationally recognised, but now heavily built up, near neighbour, Dubai, where the skyline is becoming increasingly resemblant