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The percentage yield of dry products obtained from methanol extraction procedure with total polyphenol and flavonoid contents of each plant sample Family Species Parts of plants % yield Brassicaceae Diplotoxis tenuifolia Leaves 13.02 Resedaceae Reseda lutea Flowers 10.15 Leaves 6.02 Family TPC mg GAE/L Flavonoid mgQE/L Brassicaceae 144.49[+ or -]0.29 250.485[+ or -]0.002 Resedaceae 109.01[+ or -]0.03 78.72[+ or -]0.03 133.52[+ or -]0.02 196.80[+ or -]0.01 Table 2.
Rosid 2: Aceraceae, Anacardiaceae, Bataceae, Bombacaceae, Brassicaceae, Burseraceae, Capparaceae, Caricaceae, Geraniaceae, Hippocastanaceae, Malvaceae, Oxalidaceae (Hypserocharis), Resedaceae, Rutaceae, Sapindaceae, Simaroubaceae, Sterculiaceae, Tiliaceae, Tropaoleaceae.
The main goals of this study were to examine reproductive compensation and fruit production in males to understand the reproductive biology of sexually dimorphic Ochradenus baccatus (Resedaceae), a shrub native to deserts of the Middle East (Miller 1984).
Resedaceae Ochradenus baccatus Delile Resedaceae Ochradenus baccatus Delile Rhamnaceae Rhamnus alaternus L.
Seed dormancy of Ochradenus baccatus (Resedaceae), a shrubby species from Arabian desert regions.
Resedaceae (Carlquist, 1998b; Schweingruber, 2006) (Fig.
Morfologia de los granos de polen de las familias Aceraceae, Aquifoliaceae, Geraniaceae, Resedaceae, Sabiaceae y Saxifragaceae del Valle de Mexico.
Connaraceae y Resedaceae. Flora de Guerrero 25:1-10.
nevadensis Poaceae Ne Poa nemoralis Poaceae Eu Prunus prostrata Rosaceae Others Rhamnus pumila Rhamnaceae Eu-N Ranunculus demissus Ranunculaceae Others Reseda complicata Resedaceae Ne Saxifraga nevadensis Saxifragaceace Ne JO Sedum amplexicaule subsp.
Several smaller families are partly or completely characterized by floral monosymmetry (Ronse de Craene & Haston, 2006), such as Bretsehneideraceae (Ronse De Craene et al., 2002a), Emblingiaceae (Leins, 1969), Moringaceae (Ronse de Craene et al., 1998; Olson, 2003), Resedaceae (Sobick, 1983), and Tropaeolaceae (Ronse De Craene & Smets, 2001).
Five of the caterpillars were feeding on a large bush of Ochradenus aucheri (Resedaceae) and the sixth was on a nearby, but altogether different plant, Fagonia indica (Zygophyllaceae).
[141] Resedaceae Reseda odorata [115] CANELLALES Winteraceae Belliolum sp.
1829 (Resedarieae).--Type: Reseda L.; Resedaceae Bercht.