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a painted or carved screen placed above and behind an altar or communion table


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Inside the Museo is a varied collection of religious art and artifacts dating back to the Spanish times, from intricately detailed retablos and reredos and finely crafted monstrances, to oil portraits and wooden sculptures of saints.
In St Denys' Church, Lisvane, there is a reredos of a gentle Christ, 'flanked by four candle holders as if flambeaux made from Passion nails' (5); his beautifully tender nativity figures which he made in aluminium for Wells Cathedral are still used every year; and we have been lucky enough to receive an indefinite loan of three more Roper pieces: statues of Mary and Joseph, and a Christ in Majesty, his face shining out in glory.
This calls to mind many of the reredos and retablos in homes and churches in Mexico and the American southwest.
St Mary's Church, Clydach, is one of the most imposing and architecturally accomplished Gothic style churches in South Wales but its detailed construction, which includes stained glass and a remarkable reredos, needs major repair.
We saw how the tabernacle had become the literal "tent" of the Lord; we met the church's namesake and his companions through the reredos; we felt the mystery of Mary's love through her Rose Window.
I WAS glad to read the Echo article on the restoration of the reredos at St Cadoc's Church in Llancarfan (November 30).
The Reverend Roy Anetts writes that 'the beautifully carved stone reredos (behind the altar) was damaged by a bomb.
On the interior, hammer-beam trusses support the roof while a glass mosaic reredos (panel) depicting angels decorates the altar area.
But there's also the most elaborate altar of any of the missions, and the racks of burning candles make the gold reredos glisten as if wet with new rain.
The church was decorated inside and out (there was a painted alabaster reredos, and for a gilded and painted statue of St Katherine, see plate 19), and there were four great "tables," i.e., painted inscriptions, in each corner of the Great Cloister alley (for the inscriptions over the cells see Michael Sargent's article in the Luxford volume reviewed in this issue).
A Flickr view of the Reredos (altar screen) at Ullet Road Unitarian Church, Liverpool - with access kindly provided by Annette Butler - and For more flickr pictures, visit
The reredos in the north aisle of the church was painted by a artist who lived in Moseley, while the house beside the church gate was the home of the retired head of the Birmingham School of Art.
These talented artists had already worked on the chancel gates and reredos at Liverpool Cathedral.
From an aureole above the reredos of the Virgin's altar, her son dispatches the dove of the Holy Ghost.