Republic of the Sudan

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It is our obligation, responsibility, and duty to cooperate, and to normalize our relations with our brothers and sisters in the Republic of The Sudan for the sake of our people on these mutually agreed common borders.
Ends/MN/FS Khartoum, Oct 6 (ONA) The Ministry of Manpower has recently represented the Sultanate at the Regional Forum for Strategic planning in the Republic of the Sudan.
In 1992 relief officials warned that a famine loomed in the Republic of the Sudan, but the American press showed little interest in covering it.
is pleased to announce the signing of an Exploration and Production Sharing Agreement (the "EPSA") with the Republic of the Sudan.
e Field Marshal Omar Hassan Ahmed al Bashir President of the Republic of the Sudan to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 4 April 2017 Upon the invitation of H.
Rybakov met with the First Vice President of the Republic of the Sudan, Bakri Hassan Saleh.
Our diplomats in Russia have done a marvelous work in persuading the Russian Federation to bring together the Republic of the Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan.
Awad Ahmed Eljazz, Minister of Energy and Mining of the Republic of the Sudan, following the formal signing ceremony in Khartoum March 1, 1997 is attached.
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