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Synonyms for repression

Synonyms for repression

sudden punitive action

Words related to repression

a state of forcible subjugation

(psychiatry) the classical defense mechanism that protects you from impulses or ideas that would cause anxiety by preventing them from becoming conscious

the act of repressing

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Spenser, a zealous Protestant as well as a fine-spirited idealist, was in entire sympathy with Lord Grey's policy of stern repression of the Catholic Irish, to whom, therefore, he must have appeared merely as one of the hated crew of their pitiless tyrants.
His neck was so twisted that the knotted ends of his white cravat usually dangled under one ear; his natural acerbity and energy, always contending with a second nature of habitual repression, gave his features a swollen and suffused look; and altogether, he had a weird appearance of having hanged himself at one time or other, and of having gone about ever since, halter and all, exactly as some timely hand had cut him down.
The warmth of heart which Martin ridiculed and resented, intensified by its very repression, bubbled out to others in cheery helpfulness, and blessed her quick tears.
Everything seems quiet now, but those people are preparing some move of general repression.
We have to give a clear answer to these repressions and atrocities in Syria.
In response to continuing repressions against civil society, the political opposition and the independent media in Belarus, the European Union has furthered tightened sanctions against Lukashenko's regime.
For example, as the regime becomes more repressive, repressions become less effective, and at the same time supporters of the regime require and demand more financial rewards for their loyalty.
The Price of Dissent: Testimonies to Political Repressions in America.
Rieger then supports his case with a chapter on the analytic framework offered by Jacques Lacan, who maintains that "the real" resists easy conceptualization and so we must seek the underside of reality by examining the repressions of the modern self.
The award-winning project is re-created through photographs and a tactic of paper overleafs with rips homologous to the repressions and loopholes of museum "knowledge.
he writes, "though it is a history of repressions, murders, stupidities, wars, and violence, it is at the same time a history of magnificent dreams, longings, and ideals.