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put in a new, usually larger, pot

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“Past repotting events have been very popular with our customers.
Do this between mid-February and early July; repotting too late in the season will prevent next season's bloom.
REPOTTING: 10 STEPS FOR REDESIGNING YOUR LIFE is for the modern woman who seeks a better life or feels 'stuck' in an existing one, overwhelmed by destructive or repetitive cycles.
Guiding readers through a all the germane issues for watering, fertilizing, pruning, repotting, and propagating plants suitable for a miniature garden, Tabletop Gardens deftly reveals a remarkable understanding of the exotic flowerings and plants that it contains.
"Rating agencies will expand their coverage of real estate as technology continues to evolve and companies put more transparent repotting into place," Ross said.
Sown later, they might flower the same year in ideal conditions but will in any case produce corms suitable for repotting in autumn or planting outdoors the following year.
Such transition involves repotting one's emotional investment into new soil -- perhaps a new directorship, especially in a smaller startup enterprise or a trusteeship in the non-profit sector; an independent consultancy; an executive job in a new field; teaching; or a new intellectual interest.
If you add a slow-release granular fertilizer to the soil when repotting, the plants won't need feeding again for three months.
ASK Luke Hughes, via email DA OUR ASPRING is the best time for repotting house plants because they're at their most active in producing root growth.
ALuke Hughes, via email DA OUR AANSWERS SPRING is the best time for repotting house plants because they're at their most active in producing root growth.
ASPRING is the ideal time for repotting house plants because, following a period of winter dormancy, it will be at its most active in producing root growth.
They might need repotting as they have put on quite a bit of growth since you got them and could be a little pot bound, which could be the cause of bud drop.
CAROL: Agapanthus do benefit from repotting. Tease out the side roots, add a loam-based compost and transfer into a slightly bigger pot.
Willamette Orchid Society - Orchid grower James Snyder of Monmouth will discuss and demonstrate the art of repotting at 7:30 p.m.