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Synonyms for recidivism

a slipping from a higher or better condition to a lower or poorer one

Words related to recidivism

habitual relapse into crime

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Penn have also been been deducted three points, suspended until the end of the 2007 season subject to a repeat offence, for naming a suspended player for a game on June 16.
Mihaylova also stated that the companies delaying salaries faced an initial fine of BGN 1500 a 2000 and a penalty of up to BGN 10A 000 in the case of a repeat offence.
The municipality is following up on everyone who was warned and will fine them Dhs500 for a repeat offence.
Both sides are likely to appeal against the bans - which include the same length of disqualification suspended pending a repeat offence. A league spokesman said: "Ice hockey is a very physical sport as everyone is well aware and occasionally tempers flare and there are flashpoint incidents.
And Voth is faced with an additional 12-match suspended sentence "pending a repeat offence".
In the case of a repeat offence, fines can be increased by up to 100%.
He confirmed Chelsea were likely to appeal against their punishment of a pounds 300,000 fine and a three-point penalty - suspended in case of a repeat offence next season.
That's the clear message carried along with Leinster Council's six-month ban on Westmeath boss Brendan Lowry for what they termed a "repeat offence."
Neilson was charged with "indicating bias or incompetence" but his twomatch suspension will only take effect for a repeat offence before the end of the season.
This would rise to a year's jail and a fine of up to BD500 for a repeat offence, while those who organise gambling or set up gambling dens could also face up to a year in jail and fines of up to BD1,000.
It's a repeat offence, and he forgets the punters who'd have put the horse in each-way doubles and/or trebles, and placepots.
FIFA imposed a fine of just under pounds 45, 000 and warned a repeat offence may lead to Spain playing a match behind closed doors, or even being thrown out of a major tournament such as the World Cup.
Minor errors will earn a yellow warning card while a repeat offence or a more serious mistake will result in a red card - requiring motorists to pay their way through a driving course or face prosecution.
Failure to comply would incur a large fine and a repeat offence will see the dog removed from them and rehoused.
The Keeping Communities Safe report, published yesterday, also shows that just two of the 3,000 offenders monitored were charged with a repeat offence involving sex or violence.