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a Hindu religious mendicant

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The author argues that renunciates who left established centers and practices elsewhere helped build a new tradition of sacred geography in the Himalayas in which this particular physical mountain is the accessible goal.
Over the next two and a half decades, the community came to be characterized mainly by "householder" lifestyle, based on the same renunciate spirituality as that practiced in monasticism, but in a family setting.
This, I am afraid to say, is not the only limitation of The Socially Involved Renunciate.
The Buddha established only one framework for mature renunciate women, and that is the bhikkhuni Sangha.
Traditionally, sannyasa was seen as the fourth stage of life, and everybody ideally became a renunciate at the end of their life.
As a symbol of one's utter detachment, the Hindu renunciate, as some "fools for Christ's sake" did, would walk about naked.
The repeated experiences on which it relies to be convincing are the experiences of the pork-barrel statute and the car showroom, as well as the experiences of the Franciscan renunciate or the nobly uncompromising civil libertarian.
While gums at naga shrines take disciples broadly from the peasant castes, making them Nath sadhus, they can also make sadhu disciples of born Naths - who, if they go to a renunciate gum at all, are likely to go to a Nath.
It is a piece nuanced in its form and references, complex and vibrant in its refusal to renunciate.
58) A well-respected female renunciate who does not particularly advocate that extant Buddhist renunciates pursue bhikkhuni vows felt passionate that mae chis should simply have more access to teachings and practice opportunities, and that they should be afforded the due respect that would come from a healthy Buddhist society.
He douned the saffron robe of a renunciate and adopted the lifestyle of a Hindu sannyasin.
But no matter how vociferously they may renunciate their whiteness, white people do not lose the power associated with being white.
Rather, he imagined the renunciate ascetic becoming the sadvipra - the leader with a pure and balanced mind: courageous, service minded, entrepreneurial and intellectually / intuitionally brilliant.
The narrator and main character Jack, dissatisfied with life, begins to attend various self-help groups, an activity which corresponds, according to Green (who follows Reed), to the four sights: old age, sickness, death, and then a renunciate.
5 the word Yajnavalkya uses to describe his departure is pravrajisyan 'about to wander forth', which became a technical term for becoming a renunciate and has been interpreted as such here.