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Synonyms for nationalization

the action of forming or becoming a nation

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the action of rendering national in character

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changing something from private to state ownership or control

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The demand was echoed by Lord Prescott, who said Mr Miliband should announce the renationalisation at the autumn party conference.
The flag carrier has experience stiff losses since renationalisation in spite of trying to develop its position through network adjustments, fleet renewal and new partnerships comprising membership of SkyTeam.
Le processus engage par le gouvernement pour la renationalisation du complexe siderurgique d'El Hadjar semble encore operationnel.
Only one of the rulings, related to the renationalisation of Omar Effendi, one of Egypt's oldest department store chains, has been implemented so far, hence the verdict of a one-year suspended jail sentence for Kandil.
The German banking supervisor said that a renationalisation measure as proposed by the US could lead to a situation where other countries follow suit - leading to a potential fragmentation of the financial market.
Venting their anger over high electricity bills, protesters demanded the government's resignation and renationalisation of power distributors.
RAIL campaigners will stage protests today to press for the renationalisation of the West Coast Main Line following the fiasco over who will run the franchise.
Fernandez justifies the renationalisation of YPF -- which was privatised in the 1990s after decades as a state-owned company -- on the grounds that it failed to boost oil and natural gas production needed to keep up with local demand.
NFU CYMRU WITH CAP reform looming, NFU Cymru president Ed Bailey said it was crucial trade was not distorted by the renationalisation of the CAP budget.
Posted by Corus worker Richard Caddy, who has worked for 14 years at Teesside House, the petition dismissed the pounds 5m offered by government for retraining and instead called for renationalisation of the industry.
Only 23 per cent of us support continued privatisation, according to a survey of over 1,000 members of the public for the Rail Maritime and Transport union, which also reveals that seven out of ten respondents back renationalisation.
Argentina's parliament has approved a full renationalisation of Aerolineas Argentinas.
The charges against the Kremlin critic, and subsequent demand for huge back taxes from Yukos, led to the effective renationalisation of the oil giant, which was taken over by the state oil company Rosneft.
The takeover of PetroPars by Nico amounted to a renationalisation of the company, which was owned 40% by the NIOC Pension Fund and 60% by IDRO.
I also want to see the renationalisation of the railways, pensions uprated in line with average earning .