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(Roman mythology) the twin brother of Romulus

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authorized service partner for REMUS marine robots in Japan," said Teruki Tanaka, president of SEA Corporation.
We have improved the overall financial performance of our business during this transition," said Remus.
Having Remus around has meant that Zoe, 30, from Fairlie in Ayrshire, can be much more independent, knowing that her dog can support her and has been trained to get help in an emergency.
Its flagship line of REMUS AUVs, together with Kongsberg Maritime's HUGIN, MUNIN and Seaglider underwater vehicles, provide marine professionals worldwide with intelligent marine robots they can rely on.
The only time REMUS had trailed anything in motion was for a system to recover the AUV from an underway ship--with the AUV chasing down and attaching itself to a line trailing the vessel.
Remus has been delivering orthopaedic medicine, occupational and rehabilitiation services to client companies and organizations, past and present, such as AbitibiBowater (now Resolute Forest Products), the Buchanan Group, Norampac, Bombardier, Goldcorp, Hemlo Mines, McKevitt Trucking, Trimac Trucking and all departments with the City of Thunder Bay.
In a footnote, Wolfe suggests that Uncle Remus is the twin of the mythical Romulus who founded Rome:
Knowledgeably compiled and deftly edited by Timothy Remus, "Airbrush Bible" features fourteen expert artists with each individual artist walking the reader through an illustrated step-by-step process for producing diverse examples of airbrush projects and techniques.
Washington, March 27 (ANI): New hope has emerged for the retrieval of the wreckage of Air France Flight 447, with a survey employing the use of three Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) called REMUS 6000 to find the debris.
Unfortunately, Skulduggery is no longer persona grata in the Sanctuary, since accusing the Grand Mage of treason, and the second rate detective, Remus Crux, is officially on the case.
Although Remus introduces an innovative approach it does not provide a specific algorithm for implementing DT systems.
Alex Carpenter, the creator of the Remus Lupins, was riding in a New York City taxi to MTV studios when he fielded an interview about his upcoming Eugene show.
From Rome's founding by the star-crossed twins Romulus and Remus, to the tragedy of the hero-traitor Coriolanus, the capture of the city by the Gauls, the invasion of Hannibal, ruthless political struggles between the patricians and the plebians, and the end of Rome's republic with the triumph and subsequent assassination of Julius Caesar, Roma is epic in scope.
By deconstructing Harris's whiteness and what it contributed to the creation of his best-known character, Uncle Remus, I hope to provide a key to understanding the conflicting reactions to Harris's and Walker's writing.
These are all the things that make this type of home a little bit more custom," says Remus.