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a company that moves the possessions of a family or business from one site to another

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2] of nonfriable asbestos materials must be undertaken by a licensed asbestos removalist (Queensland Government, 2011).
1) Context: Jeff and his dad are removalists from the township where Rain's grandma used to live.
Their presence says that it doesn't matter that the girls weren't taken to Moore River by train but by sea, that the fence didn't run out just before they reached home leaving Molly's spirit bird to guide them, that they weren't aided by another victim of removalist policies locked in domestic and sexual servitude, that the tracker didn't come within two yards of them as they cowered in the brush--that all these changes can be excused, can be assumed to have been made in the spirit of the story, because at the end of the film the two surviving protagonists look directly into the camera and reassure us.
com)-- Removalists Interstate Removals, a distinguished name in the removalist industry, have launched their new wing- Removalists Sydney.
The paper reports that Clarke and Bingle may have agreed to separate this week when Bingle was photographed without her engagement ring and a removalist van was seen outside the couple's Bondi apartment on Wednesday night.
The family was completely devastated when they lost the white Siamese-cross tom cat on the day the removalist packed everything from their Queensland home into the truck on December 9.
For example, if you're a removalist, you'll want to make your "free quote" button big and clear as well as your contact number.
Contract Awarded for removalist services to redfern, nsw
Just pick up your phone and call Quick and Safe Removals, the professional and cheap removalist of Melbourne.
It was Margaret Fink as producer of The Removalist who was to employ Gillian Armstrong as props buyer in the art department.
While some businesses can manage the carbon footprint generated by the use of trucks for distribution by limiting the use of trucks (the UK's Marks and Spencer), and partnering with other companies to share distribution trucks (Nestle), the removalist industry relies on the use of trucks, not for distribution, but for their core activity.
Contract Awarded for removalist &relocation services at act sites
Getting accurate pricing from Quick Pick Movers Melbourne is easy with their furniture removalist cost calculator.
A removal cost may be charged if removal of your fridge will take longer than 30 minutes and/or the removalist has to go up or down more than 20 steps.
The inventors said that the exoskeleton can also be used by people whose jobs require heavy lifting like warehouse workers, removalists and couriers.