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influential Dutch artist (1606-1669)

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These works suggest that Rembrandt used his art to reduce his debts directly or as tokens of thanks for financial assistance.
27 July 2016 - Grand Rapids, Michigan-based oral and personal healthcare products maker Ranir, LLC has acquired the Rembrandt teeth whitening brand from US-based skin and health care products maker Johnson and Johnson Consumer Inc, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 27, 2016-Ranir Acquires Rembrandt Brand Portfolio of Oral Care Products from JnJ
After almost 400 years, a new portrait by Rembrandt was unveiled in Amsterdam yesterday.
Aside from forays out to draw landscapes, an executed woman, and the old town hall, Rembrandt was a studio artist.
This small volume--in English, Tire Young Rembrandt and the Mennonite Artistic Community--recently published by a prominent Italian art historian marks the first time that a major figure in the art history community has made a sustained and credible argument that Rembrandt was a member of the Mennonite community during the early years of his career.
By this stage in the exhibition, we have become familiar with the signatures of the late style of Rembrandt (1606-69): loose brushwork; intense contrast of light and shade; an isolated figure dominating the picture space; introspection and emotional anguish.
So for Rembrandt to purchase his property on the corner of Jodenbreestraat for 13,000 guilders in 1639, he was clearly enjoying success.
Rembrandt is considered the most innovative and influential painter of the Golden Age of Dutch painting.
Joan is sure to take the pioneering F&B at the Rembrandt Hotel to the next level without compromise.
London, March 18 ( ANI ): A painting hanging in the former home of Sir Francis Drake has been confirmed as a self-portrait by the Dutch Master Rembrandt, the National Trust has announced.
Rembrandt and the Passion', in the Hunterian Art Gallery of the University of Glasgow, is constructed around one small painting, the Entombment Sketch, which was the first Rembrandt painting to be publicly displayed in Britain when it was shown in the first Hunterian Museum in 1807.
In the 17 century, Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn created his masterpieces and spent a large part of his life in Amsterdam, capital city of the Netherlands.
Portrait of a Young Jew / Rembrandt van Rijn, 1648 Oil on panel.
Yet the notion that there's something crypto-Jewish about Rembrandt continues to enthrall.