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Synonyms for internment

confinement during wartime

the act of confining someone in a prison (or as if in a prison)

placing private property in the custody of an officer of the law

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Recognizing this, the South Vietnamese Government with its Allied American troops opted to remove the entire population to the Nghia Hanh relocation camp. The people hated the camps because of their prison like atmosphere--it was surrounded by barbed wire and patrolled by armed soldiers.
The evacuees went first into assembly centers up and down the coast, and then to ten relocation camps running from eastern California to Arkansas.
Duke's dad and mom (real-life marrieds Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber) befriend Japanese-American neighbor Abe Tanaka (Pat Morita) when his family is forced to a relocation camp, just as Duke and Matsuo gain each other's trust.
An examination of political exile through the story of Japanese Americans forced into a Wyoming relocation camp during World War II.
His friend's wife had died in a tent in a relocation camp. When Takosan spoke, Alex could smell the straw floor and hear the canvas flapping.
A mere thirty-two minutes in length, the film includes rare archival footage (shot with a contraband movie camera) of the relocation camp in Poston, Arizona, scenes from period newsreels pitching internment to the American public, scenes from the few Hollywood films to treat anti-Japanese racism, archival and personally collected photographs, and scenes of present-day Poston and of the Salinas Rodeo Grounds barracks where Tajiri's mother was initially held.
Then, they were assigned to a War Relocation Authority (WRA) site, the Central Utah Relocation Center, more popularly known as the Topaz relocation camp near the town of Delta.
Means met and talked with young California evacuees who were forced to live behind barbed wire fences in the Amache relocation camp near her Colorado home and wrote this story at a time when many Americans were unaware of, or unwilling to acknowledge, what was happening to these U.S.
At the sound of explosions and gunfire, the four armed peasants from the relocation camp immediately fled.
Set in the aftermath of the Vietnam War and told in a nonlinear style against a rap-infused soundtrack, "Vietgone" is essentially a love story between a pair of refugees who separately flee their war-torn homeland and meet at a relocation camp in the U.S.
Placed in the Gila River Relocation Camp, Zenimura began to build a baseball stadium in the Arizona desert.
As a Japanese-American (a Nisei), he and his family, along with 9,000 others, were headed for the Minidoka Relocation Camp in Idaho, one of 10 such camps that, in total, would hold about 110,000 Japanese and Japanese- Americans.
* A book published by the National Park Service includes a chapter with photographs of the Poston War Relocation Camp; Confinement and Ethnicity: An Overview of World War II Japanese American Relocation Sites, anthropology74/ce10.htm.
This account of two second-generation Japanese Americans is based on Takemoto's interviews of his parents, one of whom served in the Army during World War II, despite having been classified as an enemy alien, and the other of whom was imprisoned in a relocation camp. Takemoto, a journalist and spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration, filled in the gaps of their memories with information gleaned from correspondence and documents.
Her uncle and grandfather are sent to a relocation camp in North Dakota while the rest of them are held in California until they can be sent to Arizona.