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Synonyms for relief

Synonyms for relief

the act or an instance of helping

freedom, especially from pain

assistance, especially money, food, and other necessities, given to the needy or dispossessed

a person or persons taking over the duties of another


Synonyms for relief

the feeling that comes when something burdensome is removed or reduced

Related Words

the condition of being comfortable or relieved (especially after being relieved of distress)

someone who takes the place of another (as when things get dangerous or difficult)

assistance in time of difficulty

aid for the aged or indigent or handicapped

sculpture consisting of shapes carved on a surface so as to stand out from the surrounding background

the act of freeing a city or town that has been besieged

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define the terms sculpture, relief sculpture, and mobile.
define local color, relief sculpture, sculpto, assemblage, collage and landscape.
Eleanor Guralnick's thorough examination of Neo-Assyrian patterned fabrics as depicted in painting and relief sculpture neverthe-less falls short of establishing the significance (if there was any) of the presence or absence of a par-ticular design in any given scene.
When most students have about fifty pieces, explain that they are going to make a relief sculpture using asymmetrical balance.
As for the relief sculpture to be unveiled Wednesday at the Franklin Street firehouse, Mr.
Relief sculpture by Eugene artist Miriam Kley will be shown in the gallery from Oct.
Fell Dyke School commissioned Ailsa Magnus from North Yorkshire to design and make a carved brick relief sculpture, integrating the name of the school, for the front entrance.
Introduce students to relief sculpture and papier-mache techniques through the creation of expressive face masks with symbolic meaning.
His body was buried in his titular church, San Pietro in Vincoli, and its location marked by a sepulchral slab and relief sculpture.
Next, give students an opportunity to create a portrait or self-portrait relief sculpture, using the Maori Ta Moko style of body art to create facial designs.
The bottom of the memorial will be a 16-foot-diameter bicycle wheel constructed of Jet Black granite, on which the bronze relief sculpture will sit.
Still other work under the modernist rubric is that of the late, little-known sculptor Olga Bernal, an Auschwitz survivor living and working in France whose near-abstract relief sculpture Train to Auschwitz, 1995, a simple wooden rectangle fashioned of black dowels with a windowlike opening "barred" by violin-bow hairs, recalls the terrible transport without actually representing it.
They decided upon a clay tile, outdoor relief sculpture to lay flat in the middle of what was to become our outdoor sculpture garden.
Regrettably for those keenly interested in relief sculpture, there are a scant half-dozen represented (excluding a few medals) among the 113 photographic illustrations.
Erin Reynolds - drawing/sculpture, honorable mention; Dan Terry - pastel painting, gold key, pastel painting; and Kimberly Woodcock - ceramic relief sculpture, honorable mention.